How to Select a Swag Curtain For Your Kitchen

Traditionally, swag curtains are used to create a formal look in the house especially on the living room. But because of the techniques in using variety of fabric materials, style and designs, kitchen swag curtains can now also be put on the kitchen or dining area.


How to choose the best swag curtains for your kitchen must be properly decided. Here are some important factors to consider:


Size of your kitchen


How big is the kitchen? The measurement of the kitchen swag curtains must not dwarf your kitchen. If you have a smaller kitchen measurement, then you must not use long curtains and avoid longer drapes. Light colored swag curtains must also be used for smaller kitchen so that the place looks like a crowded room.


Size of your window


How big is your window? Since swag curtains are basically window treatment curtains, the size of your window is a great consideration when deciding the kind of curtain you will place. If you have a larger window, avoid sagging the curtain on the middle.


Make sure that your kitchen swag curtains fits well on your window. For a smaller window, a kitchen swag curtains with bold colors to create an illusion of a bigger space. You can also add window blinds if you have a smaller window.




How much sanitation does your kitchen requires? The design and style of your kitchen curtains should also account the light needed inside the room. It should not over blocks the sunlight from the outside during the day but should also provide protection against excessive sunray exposures.


During the night, the shade and materials of your kitchen swag curtains must not also give a dimmer effect inside the place.


Window Location


Where does your window located? If your window is near your fireplace, then it is not advisable to hang swag curtains that are made up of light materials. This might put the place on fire. Better have thick and heat absorbing fabrics for your kitchen curtains. Also, do not use long curtains that will nearly touch the stove.




What are the fabrics used? The kind of materials for your kitchen swag curtains must be heat resistant and odor absorbing fabrics to reduce the annoying smell inside the room.




If you are able to use these simple tips in buying kitchen swag curtains, you will surely realize that it is easy enough to come up with a kitchen that looks smashing.


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